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Web Design

We build websites that work 

I can create any type of website you like, anything from a simple donation page to an online store or anything in between. I specialize in creating websites with all the professional features you require to do business online. Your website will be easy to manage, giving you the control to keep your content fresh with access to support when you need it.

As a full-service website development agency, we can help you optimize your online presence at every stage. From registering your domain name to designing and managing your site, we will optimize your digital strategy for maximum outreach and engagement.


Online Donations

Add a Donation button to your website

Your nonprofit website is the perfect place to fundraise for your cause. We can develop a website with a built-in online donation system. Your supporters can securely make one-time and recurring donations without ever leaving your site. We’ll help you create an engaging experience that builds trust and makes giving simple and painless.



Raise more money with a viral fundraising campaign.

Raise money using our crowdfunding platform. Businesses and nonprofit organizations can collect donations through family, friends, friends of friends, strangers, businesses, and more. By using social media to spread awareness, you can reach more potential donors than traditional forms of fundraising.

You need to raise money to do great work. We’ll help you run a successful grassroots fundraising campaign, leverage social media, set up a crowdfunding campaign and breath new life into your fundraising efforts. 

Maximize your fundraising with minimal effort. We'll start by understanding where your organization has the greatest opportunity for growth and develop a strategy to help you acquire and grow new supporters and donors. Together, everything is possible. 


Credit Card Processing

Online payments or in person, I can help.

Credit card processing traditionally comes with hefty fees, and today it has become costly for merchants to accept credit cards. This can be a challenge for businesses with smaller budgets. Credit card swipe fees can become a financial burden on your business if you accept credit and debit cards. 

Learn how you can reduce your credit card processing fees and increase your bottom line.